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Lake Project

In the vein of a picture is worth a thousand words, this web page was created to show the current condition of Lake 1.  The dredging done this year was another step in the right direction.  We need to start building our capital improvement fund post haste!

First the good news; the next five pictures show good deeds done.

boat lift dig
Gene Hice dug out the Lake 1 boat lift area. An anonymous member helped. Thanks!

new pipe and weir
Roger Ramstack has been hard at work on the new weir dam (in progress).  Gene and Drew helped.  The new weir has been poured (need to get a picture).  Gene made sure the new drain pipe was installed properly.

new boat ramp
Roger Ramstack (Lead), Gene, Drew, Joel and Tadd worked hard to build the new ramp.

the pumps
The pumps that drained the lake. Tony, Jason, Drew, Craig and Joel manned the pumps.

The new drain. Underneath are the pipes for the pumps; Joel, Roger, Jason, Drew, Andy R. and Carey helped.

The next five pictures show the dirt that was removed from the lake.

On the left is a new drainage ditch to keep the mud/water off the road.

More dirt...

and more...

and more...

It's a good start.

The following pictures have areas highlighted in red that need dirt removed.  The water is 4 feet below normal pool in these pictures.  The highlighted areas should be under water.

Looking south from the slalom starting dock.

Looking south from the west side of the north island.

Looking north from the road in front of Emily's house.

A closer view.

Another close-up.

Last close-up.  The area out in the middle is the boat guide area of the slalom course.

The cutout is the area dug out around 2 ball (from the north).

A close-up of the area dug out around 2 ball.  A good start but more work needed.

This is the drop area at the north end.  The tall people are starting to complain.

Another look at the boat guide area of the slalom course.  The track-hoe couldn't reach this area.

The next three pictures show the area between the north island and the pre-gates.

As you can see there is lots of silt in this area.

A close-up from the west side.

The near highlighted area is next to the old boat ramp.  It's under there somewhere!

The next three pictures show the area under the water pipe south of the jump dock.

From the south end of the lake looking north.

The close-up view.

A little closer.  You can see how much silt has come in over the years.  And some has been removed.

The next three pictures show the area around the pavilion.

The area on the left is between the boat guides.  The area on the right, between 3 ball and 5 ball, needs a little more work.

A closer view of the area between 3 and 5.

A closer view of the area between the boat guides.

We need to build our long range plan now.  See you at the meeting.

This last picture shows an area on the big island that needs rip-rap.  We have some available. Volunteers?