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News (2008 Archive)

(11/23/2008) Congratulations! to Patrick Dicus, Junior Boys slalom and overall champ and dad, John Dicus, world class photographer. Check out the article from the latest issue of The Water Skier.

(11/23/2008) Tony and Sharon Stevens have moved into their new home. It beautiful, has all the latest gadgets, and not a speck of dust -- anywhere!

(11/22/2008) Dredging pictures.

(11/18/2008) The company we're considering for our dredging project is called Aquatic Solutions. Feel free to visit their web site to learn more about the company.

(09/08/2008) Whitestone will be hosting a collegiate tournament on September 20. If you're a Whitestone owner and would like to ski in the tournament, contact A.J. Petrillo or Tim Vaio.

(07/22/2008) Justin & April are engaged!!! The planned wedding date is June 20, 2009.

(06/26/2008) Miss Carly Marie Horton is our newest Whitestone member. Born to Kyle and Julie Horton, Carly weighed in at 6 lbs. 15 oz. And, at a length of 19 1/2 inches (1/2 meter) it looks like we might have another deep shortline skier among us!

(06/02/2008) The Pro Water Ski Tournament has been completed. There were some great performances and we received many complimentary comments.

(05/29/2008) There have been several lake improvements. A short concrete wall at the nose end of the Lake 1 boat lift will serve to shore up and stabilize it. Also, our '06 boat on Lake 2 has received a tune-up and the installation of StarGazer. Consult the User Manual for complete operating instructions.

(05/20/2008) Due to increasing fuel costs, the owners voted 24-3 in favor of increasing owner set fees to $6 per set effective May 1st.