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Lot #41 For Sale


Property entrance

Lake 1

Lake 1 (pavilion in foreground)

Lake 1 (taken from starting dock)

Lake 1 (taken from pavilion)

Lake 1

Lake 1 (pavilion, starting dock, and boat lift)

Lake 1 (left), Lake 2 (right)

Lake 1 (left), Lake 2 (right)

Lake 2 (boat lift/starting dock in foreground)

Lake 2 (tournament starting dock in foreground)

Slalom Lane (goes to Lot #41)

Lot #41 (located straight ahead where the road splits)

Lot #41

Lot #41 (located on the right side of the photo)

From Lot #41 to Lake 1

Lake 1 (south end, looking southwest)

Lake 1 (south end, looking north)

Lake 1 (approximately in the middle, looking north)

Main road (exiting property)