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About Us

Founded and built by Paul Kiker and John Roach, Whitestone Lake Estates is a gated water ski community nestled in the north Georgia mountains in Talking Rock -- about an hour drive from Atlanta. There are two ski lakes, 45 property lots and paved roads.

Whitestone typically hosts several tournaments during the season. We have also hosted the AWSA Southern Regional Championships, the Southern Region Barefoot Championships, the Kneeboard Nationals and the first stop of the 2008 Pro Water Ski Tour.

There is a large pavilion between the lakes which provides excellent viewing and space for officials during tournaments. There is also a small clubhouse on Lake 1. It features a changing area, a workbench, storage shelves, a picnic area, and a refrigerator.

Each lake has a boat dock with a hoist, starting docks and a slalom course. Additionally, Lake 1 has a jump ramp and course. All courses are surveyed record capable. We have two Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196 ski boats. We typically sell one and acquire a new boat during the cold weather season.

Owners ski on a first-come, first-served basis then fall into a 'by lot' rotation as more skiers arrive. A ski set is comprised of 6 slalom passes, 5 jump passes, or 15 minutes on the water (e.g. trick, wakeboard, barefoot, etc).

Currently, there are 12 homes with more on the way.